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I didn't update in a month. Wow. But, pay close attention to this message. I will switch back to free hosts, so if I am hosting you, please look for another free e-mail/web host. I am sorry.

Good News!
I got a Littlest Pet Shop bird figure I named Airifta, (I-rif-tah) and I got a new Flashbox! The Flashbox replaced my C-box, the Flashbox looks cooler XDD. Also, please join and be active in the oekaki/forum. Please? (By the way: The forum has a new skin!)

Littlest Pet Shop!
Yay! I got 2 new littlest pet shop figures; a rat and a mouse. *is happy*. Oh yeah, it's my Thanksgiving break. HOORAH! *makes a Littlest Pet Shop Page XDDD*

Removed Video
I removed the Shakira-Hips Don't Lie video because many people thought it was perverted. People recommended me to take it off so parents won't e-mail me about it. So... Uh... The videos page isn't new anymore so I took of the New thing next to it XD I also added a new Miniature Earth video. It is really sad! :(

This is for everyone under the age of 18! If you want to use the interactive things on my site (e-mail, chatterbox, forum, etc.) you MUST have your parent or guardian's permission. This is just to let you know, because if I receive an e-mail from your parent or guardian, you are banned from my site forever, unless you parents give me permission. This is just to keep you safe.

Sorry for not updating. I got lazy for a while then I got grounded, then I forgot to update yesterday so I'm updating now. True story. Since I didn't really do anything to the site, I'll just give you a heads up. Next month from now, I'll be in New York for four days. *is terrified of gangs*

I'm helping Virtapetz to get more members. Virtapetz is a new petsite, so you shall join or I shall steal all your cookies. Click here to join.

I'm back
Whoa... it's been this long? I understand being and California part, but... wow. Sorry everyone! Anyway, once I learn PHP I will make this place where you can adopt an animal that is like your pokemon (ex. Ponyta = Horse). Like a petsite you can feed, play, and those basic things.

Yay! I'm in California XD! I don't know if I'll be able to answer my E-mail (I'll try) but I'll be here for 9 days. I hope my Sea-Monkeys back in Florida will be okay. Anyway, I'm going to Las Vegas soon. I have no clue what it is about.

Why like pokemon?
Why do I like pokemon? I asked myself that, and I come up with reasons. I decided to make a page about it, read it here. Tell me what you think about it. Oh, and Espeon of Espeon's Home won the contest. I now get 43 unique hits a day! :)

Pet Page
July 5, 2006
Sorry for not updating yesterday. 4rth of July ^^. Just so you know, I'm going to make a Mini page, where I put mini-sites. One I'm going to make will be pet care... because I like to study their behavior. I'm not sure about doing dogs, because my dog is um... obiese and I didn't train her much when she was a puppy. She complains if I don't give her human food.

The Great Ad Contest
June 25, 2006
You read it, new contest. Rules are simple. Whoever can advertise this site the most will receive free front page advertising for how ever long you want =D. E-mail me if you want to tell who you referred.

Broken Laptop
June 17, 2006
My laptop broke, sadly. :( I had to use the PDA, which didn't allow me to update. Well, I could, but it'd be incredibly hard. Sorry! Oh, and go to Say Trainer_Nella for the referring user. =P Once again, sorry.

May 30, 2006
Everyone, I'll be on Etsu's Hideout chat for hopefully the whole day. Hope to see you there!

May 26, 2006
I haven't been on chatrooms for a long while. I'm so bored. If you e-mail me, we can organize another party...

May 16, 2006
Yeah, hiya XD Just wanted to say that... I have no school... You can call me weird but I actually like school! (except the work) I decided to go and throw a YAY NO WORK party at my whiteboard. PLEASE be there. I will take ANY suggestion. (Pokequeen, yes, I'll make a new survey). *yawn* Have fun, people. *is there*

May something, 2006
I'm having a party at my whiteboard. Be there if you can! =D I'm throwing this as an apology for not updating.

NEOPETS! And taking ALL suggestions
May 2, 2006
Since I was loong for a long time, I will take ANY suggestions you give me just as long as it doesn't 1. kill me, or 2. is pointless. I'm getting to be addicted to Neopets. PLEASE JOIN IT! AND REFER ME! (eh, you can't neomail me. I got to print out this stupid form since I'm under 13). Anyway, click any of my neopets shown below to get me a prize and to register. But most importantly, TO GET ME A PRIZE! *shot* (I'm kidding)
trainer_nella got their Neopet at
trainer_nella got their Neopet at
trainer_nella got their Neopet at
trainer_nella got their Neopet at

Sorry ^^;
April 24 (Geez!), 2006
Gawsh, I didn't update x_X. Anyway, I'm not dead. I'm busy at school. SCHOOL'S ALMOST OVER! Thank God :-). Uh... what do you want me to put on my site, suggestions?

Good Friday + New Affiliates
April 15, 2006
Yesterday was Good Friday when Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Thank the Lord! I also have 2 new affiliates, Blaze's Pokepage and Pokemon Roms. I'm hosting both of them :).

Oekaki + Flareon Version
April 9, 2006
I actually have one of those more advanced Oekakis now! Thanks Mike O (he's the webmaster of my host, Elixant)! And, I'll get started with Flareon Version... And... uh.. Oh yeah! I'm hosting Zangsol of Zangoose's Palace :). I'll change their link now.
EDIT: Kirby from Kirby's Unite donated me a Skarmony layout!

New Affiliate
April 2, 2006
New affie! Absol's Moonlit Cave! =P It's on my Top Affiliates because it has over 50 pages. It's bigger than meets the eye.

Eeveechan Da Great!
April 1, 2006
Eeveechan made me a layout, click here to see it. I'll add it on the style switcher when I'm finished making the 2 more layout I'll make. By the way, look at this comment system I got!

Paid Hosting >3
March 11, 2006
Tomorrow my parents are gonna by paid hosting, if I sing good. I'm keeping my hopes up because they told me I sing good. X3 I'll be able to host and give E-mail.

Forum + Pokemon Trozei
March 8, 2006
Hi, if you usually visit this site, please join the forum. It's almost dead, but there are a few members who actually post. Please be active. Also, Pokemon Trozei is now released in the USA! The current average price is $34.95 at the official online pokemon store.

Another New Page + Idea + Help
March 6, 2006
Heya folks! I have another new page, Guess That Pokemon! It's a Pokemon Hangman. It's lots of fun, so go ahead and play it. I also have a new adea, Pokemon Pal V-Badges. It's a few badges, that say things like "New Pal" "Pal" "Good Friend" "Top Bests Pals" and "Best Pals". You put a link on your site, with the badge, and when you click on the badge it goes onto your friends site. Then if your friend actually visits your sites, he/she'll will put the link back to your site. Like affiliating, but you pick the rank of friendship. And, now for the last update, HELP! I really need people to send me information on games such as Red/Blue, Yellow, Emerald, the pages with barely any content. Full credit will be given to you.

New Page... FINALLY!
March 5, 2006
WebBot :). WebBot is a robot that can "talk" to you. It is smart, and stupid at the same time. If WebBot is being too smart, or too dumb, contact me.

New Layout
March 5,2006
New layout. This will probably be the default for the style switcher I'll make when I'm done with 5 more layouts. I'll go ahead and start Version Raticate right now. :)


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